hi! i’m asic, just your unironic teen hanging out in her corner of the internet

i like writing, reading, gaming, music and music production. from a reader’s point of view, i like eating books with a strong plotline, hopefully a message coupled with memorable characters. i enjoy fiction, young adult, dystopian coupled with a fair amount of sci-fi and romance~ i also love reading horror and supernatural stuff although the shivers and trembles from the night after beg to disagree.

here, on haven i write and blog- it’s something i find to be of great euphoric enticement. on here you’ll be able to find posts spanning a myraid of topics including life and it’s lies, hapazard rants which get edited in the hour after, books harbouring fake dating and enemies to lovers, music that really makes me contemplate my existence and random things sprinkled here and there. i also am pretty infamous for using lots of gifs and visual imagery on here, it’s something i take pride in.

apart from the tight resume stuff, i take great pride in being an advocate of dark chocolate supremacy. 

i deeply feel about this issue, and dark chocolate has been suppressed for years by our society, so advocating for that brings me relief in more than one way~

i’m an ENTP, and omg yes i like browsing through mbti memes on instagram~ in addition to that, i love watching dramas and movies, my favourite k-drama being itaewon class~ jo yiseo has my back, and she’s literally my favourite protagonist from any form of media, ever.

i also hold a black belt in karate, and play professional basketball, although my shooting skills have kind of been stuck in a rut. i’d attribute this to the highly depressing fact that i haven’t touched a basketball from nearly a year due to miss rona </3

another, extremely crucial thing you should know about me, is the fact that i’m a jeong jaehyun enthusiast. jeong jaehyun is the reason why we breathe, live and exist on here. he’s my ultimate bias, and i love everything i’ve got to know about him. stan jaehyun for a good life.

i’m also currently working on an original book called “city lights” and i just finished the first draft~ i’m super excited for how it’ll turn out, so stay tuned~

asic signing off,

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