basically all the super cool, innovative and mind blowing features on my blog

👑sic gang awards;

  • basically like an awards show but it’s my version
  • it’s all based on my personal tastes and my biased opinion
  • there’s no limit on what can be judged and the contestants vary from songs to people to books to movies and so on so forth
  • there’s first place, second place and third place just like every other award show blah blah blah
  • but what makes this so cool is it’s ME doing the hosting HEHEHEH
  • so it’s obviously going to be super extra
  • there’s also a special mention category wherein the contestant did well but it’s wasn’t good enough for third place or more

🦺keep strugglin’;

  • the name was actually inspired by a bts fan account on twitter and i liked their tweets a lot so i decided to name it after that
  • lovely account, would definitely hug but no homo
  • this basically for life struggles, struggles in general
  • but i sometimes use this to just correlate different topics together and merge them so that my life doesn’t look awkward
  • no specific function, just brain dump and struggles i think

⁉️scam of the century;

  • totally not the best thing ever
  • totally not my favourite feature
  • i like this because i get to exclusively rant about things that deserve a rant
  • all topics because we love variety
  • mostly a bi-weekly feature but schedules suck so i just post whenever i want
  • kinda like reacting to rants but not so typical and orthodox because #imnotlikeothergirls
  • but all the rants are made by me because no one ever sends in rants lol
  • also this was the first feature i ever made on this blog and that’s why it holds a really special place in my heart


  • when you have wannabe readers and wannabe book reviewers, TBR-ed! is a feature which feels like a breath of fresh air even if i do say so myself
  • basically my thoughts, opinions and so on so forth about all kinds of books
  • book reviews, character analyzations, what went wrong with insert series, ships i like, headcannons, ships i hate and stuff like that
  • the types of posts are endless but there’s only one rule to deal with here: every single post has got to be related to books and/ or characters in them or locations
  • audiobooks, comics, webtoons, manga, screenplays whatever- they all count as books
  • if you think differently then maybe you’re just not well read enough to be able to understand the mechanisms of TBR-ed!

📌that time when;

  • when things just happen and then after a long time you realise it- like OMG this had happened
  • and then all the embarassing/ happy memories rush back and then you realise that you absolutely gotta document it
  • otherwise it would be too tormenting
  • this is the perfect feature for that
  • it’s basically life and lies except it’s all about the past, or recent past
  • present events are a no-no
  • basically me talking about my past and things i’ve experienced, enjoyed and laughed/cried about
  • nostalgic vibes

🎎life and lies;

  • life and me
  • we have a good relationship
  • sometimes not
  • this feature reflects my relationship with life and my on going existential crises
  • life needs me, i don’t need life
  • all random stuff and me doing what i want and writing about the things i’m into and stuff like that

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