a quick review of the new Selena Gomez song: De Una Vez

In today’s post I’d like to do a quick review of a song i’ve been listening to quite a lot lately- Da Una Vez. It’s a Spanish single released by Selena Gomez! let’s geddit! After a first listen- the whole song sounds very melancholic. It sounds bitter-sweet and like a very mature, creative way of… Continue Reading →

oh so relatable

just like the usual, feel free to laugh

      a bit of an intro

      a bit of an intro so that ya’ll become familiar with me

      all about that decision

      in this post, i’d like to maybe make the process of decision making and tackling tough decisions a little bit easy.

      dreams, goals and resolutions: define you

      the topic of todays post is about defining you. this can include anything- from knowing who you really are, to knowing what you define as success, to what you’ll want to eat everyday for a hundred years- knowing yourself includes everything about you.

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