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this stranded blog is now THIS

haven’s like cleaning your room and finding a 50K dollar bill hidden under the cushion. (yes that was a reference) haven’s an actual haven- a harbour where i write about everything and anything, from the scams of life to book recommendations based on your mbti. you name it and we have it.

i feel like everyone likes some form of music, be it anime OSTs, rap or even just classical music for that matter, and so do i😌 my music taste is something i take great pride in because there’s no way you can go wrong with that

i’m nikitha // asic, the admin of this blog! I’m currently a highschooler and uhhh i think i did a better job of talking about myself here.

anyways haven’s just an extremely disorganised simulation of incoherent thoughts, feelings and moments that i’ve somehow formulated into a visual dictionary.

suffering from success
asic signing off,

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