How I Got My Agent + Book Deal


Chloe Gong

I’ve been putting off my “How I Got My Agent” post for– *checks calendar* –oh, only about a year now, so I thought it was finally time that I wrote this and lumped my entire publishing journey into one post for the internet to see. When I was querying, I devoured stories like these from successful authors as if I was starving, notably this one by Katie Zhao, and yet I’ve just kept putting off my own post. I think the reason why is because compared to everyone else’s journeys in the querying trenches, mine has been…relatively easy? But I’ve talked about this in my post on The Illusion of Overnight Successes and it’s about time I smack myself over the head and take my own advice: just because I didn’t spend as long in the trenches themselves doesn’t mean I haven’t been in the trenches of writing for a…

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