a general note on plagiarization and what should and should not be done.

My Stance

i’d like to be given credit if people get inspired by my posts, especially on things like this where we can SEE the similarity.

it hurts when you post something that you thought of, something you were genuinely passionate and excited about, only for it to be replicated onto someone else’s blog, someone you thought was your friend. if you have experienced plagiarism before, you’ll understand the feeling.

it sucks to see your hard work go down the drain and for someone else to steal your idea and claim it as theirs.

as writers, the internet is a platform for all of us to bring light to our ideas and build upon things that we truly feel for and are passionate about. as writers, it’s our duty to ensure we carry enough mutual respect to not copy paste ideas, and instead respectfully ask for permission to implement the same onto our own platforms.

as writers, it is up to us to ensure the originality, authenticity and fair use of our content.

Official Copyright strike notice

what everybody should be doing:

╰┈➤comment, like, interact and following

╰┈➤sharing your opinions and if you DO want to make something inspired by my post, let me know!! tell me you want to do so, ask for my permission and after i say yes, send me a link as well! i’d love to see respectful inspiration from something i’ve spent hardwork and time on

what everybody shouldn’t be doing:

╰┈➤copy pasting the idea word for word, and even if the intent wasn’t to do so, oblige with the copyright holder and add credits because it would otherwise be classified as “plagiarism”

No post on this website should be re-posted/claimed/ enforced as anything other than the original content itself. No part of this website should be transmitted and claimed without prior notice and permission from the creator and the original copyright holder.

this applies to everyone who plagiarises- knowingly or unknowingly, not just to one person or to many. anybody and everybody.

thank you very much

asic signing off,

26 thoughts on “READ THIS.

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  1. Hey,

    I think you’ve misunderstood here. Firstly, my post and your post and completely different except for the core idea which is an A-Z post about ourselves and you and me are not the only ones on WP and overall the internet that have posted such a post. Many bloggers have posted such posts way earlier than you and me which completely defies your claim that this is your ORIGINAL idea. If you don’t believe me, here’s evidence.

    “2) Personal A to Z: Create an A-Z of yourself or one of your interests (e.g. an A-Z of basketball or gardening).” – From the site

    As you scroll down, you’ll see this exact sentence and this post has been posted on June 30, 2020 – a whole YEAR ago. This is where I got this idea from. I haven’t copied anything from you.

    Second: “Plagiarism means presenting someone else’s work as your own.” – from Google
    It would be plagiarism if I copied your entire post and claimed it as mine which is exactly not the case. Additionally for your information, just because I posted my post a few days after yours, doesn’t mean that I copied your idea (which I’ve already said isn’t your ORIGINAL idea) because in fact I’d already started writing it long before you posted it.

    Third: It’s not nice and very rude to accuse others of anything that they’ve supposedly done without proof.

    I hope this clears your misunderstanding and that this post is no longer relevant.


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    1. hi, i didn’t accuse only you– the only part where i accused you was at the starting, not for the rest of the post.
      i’ve had other people plagiarise my posts word-for-word, so excuse me if it came across as over-defensive.
      the post is still relevant, just not to you. you might not have experienced it, but i’ve had people plagiarising actual content not just on WP, but from other sites too. you weren’t the only person i mentioned, it wasn’t only you.

      as for the idea, it’s the first time i’m coming across that post, but my post still is original because it expresses the content in a different way and i’ve never seen it before either so i don’t know what to make of it. the reason i pointed it out was because of the dates, my post was posted on 15th may and yours on the 17th, so yes.

      i’ve had people plagiarise my content on quora, reddit and a few other places, so understand where i’m coming from. have a good day

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  2. Aw I’m sorry this happened but I believe this was a slight misunderstanding as well. I know how annoying it is to have this happen and I hope content creators take on a little bit more responsibility as to the authenticity of their content.
    I’m not taking sides at all but I do agree with Aditi on how this wasn’t an original idea. You can google ‘A-Z about myself’ and there’s a blog post from 2018 on similar lines.

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    1. yes, once it happens and after you see coincidences from other people too, you tend to get defensive, i agree. i don’t really check posts or check for post ideas so i probably wouldn’t have seen it, (i remember writing this post in the washroom lmao) but that’s very much possible, yes.

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      1. Yeah, sometimes it’s an innocent mistake and other times, it’s deliberate. It’s fine to get defensive but maybe phrase yourself a bit politely 😉 Trust me, it does wonders! Haha, that’s great! You have a novel and cool blog here!

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      2. i edited the post now so that it applies to people in general and not just one or two people :D(i got accused of plagiarism on another site long go so yes, i know the feeling rip ;-;)

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  3. Oh, wow, Asic! Thanks for sharing! It really is super annoying when someone decides it’s a-okay to copy someone (in blogging, writing, etc). This really helped me be more aware! I hope your problem has been solved! 🙂

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    1. thank youuu, it is super frustrating indeed to have people copy😭😭copying almost always seems to happen the most in writing and social media lol😭😭😭

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    1. (omg you commented ahh i’m such a big fan of your blog and i think it’s absolutely amazing😭😭😭)
      ah yes, it sucks to have it happen indeed😭😭

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